Social / Video / Event / Print

        Faxed, a social, poster and event campaign, was born after I realised how few people in New Zealand knew about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The project began with two main goals: to encourage New Zealanders to learn about the crisis in Yemen, and, shine a light on Yemeni voices in spaces where they’re not usually heard.

I put a call-out to designers to: learn about the crisis, make a poster, share it on their socials and pass on the challenge, resulting in an online and OOH poster campaign. Alongside this, Yemeni voices were brought into NZ conversations through interviews shared on social channels to local NZ audiences.

The two parts of the campaign were brought together through a poster exhibition and Yemeni film screening, creating an intersect between the NZ and Yemeni community, encouraging conversation and raising funds for the cause.

Check out the social media campaign: